Generally, accidental events policy is the vaster home insurance policy than defined events policy. Additionally, this policy will cover you for the event that you have made damage or loss to your property by fault. Defiantly, there are some restrictions that all accidents will not be counted as reasonable accident but still accidental event policy is a broader policy than defined event. Moreover, accidental events policy will provide a chance to file an application for advanced policy limits - a more momentous phase of financial cover / payment.

  • Earth quake
  • Water damage due to faulty design
  • Erosion
  • Corrosion and deterioration
  • Defective artwork
  • Defect in design
  • Damage made by insects or rat
  • Damage due to tree root
  • Damage of mirror, glassware and crockery material while working or transporting by hand
  • Damage during war and crisis period
  • Destruction because of Nuclear weapons, radiation or radioactivity.
  • Flood or overflow tidal wave or tsunami.

The above stated list of events is not a broad list; it can vary among various insurers.

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