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Professional Indemnity:

Professional Indemnity, a form of liability insurance that helps guard advice-and service-providing personnel and organizations for financial loss due to errors or omissions. The insurance cover should stay active even after the advice is given by you, if you retire etc. Examples of professionals are teacher, doctor, architect, designers, real estate agents, health workers and consultants. Extended cover is run-off cover.

Personal Accident, Illness or disability:

Personal accident, illness or disability not only covers major accidents and mishaps that might fallout in death or major disability but also serious ailments that can have great impact on your day-to-day life. WorkSafe Injury Cover won't cover you.

Work-safe Injury Insurance:

Work-safe Insurance provides you with an insurance cover for any employee getting ill or injured at work. This insurance is obligatory

Fire and perils

Fire and Peril Insurance are planned to seek protection against damages to buildings or contents by fire, lighting, explosion, malicious damage, earthquake, storm and water.


Loss or damage due to theft involving violent, forcible entry or loss or damage to stock etc.

General property

General Property Insurance comprises of insurance against loss of equipment of trade or occupation, stash in profession and office innards.

Goods in transit

Goods in transit is yearly cover where loss or damage to your property are covered while in transit either within the boundaries of Australia or overseas.

Products liability

Product liability insurance is safety against financial loss which arises due to legal liability encountered by an insured due to loss or damage caused by product manufactured, supplied or designed.

Public liability

Public Liability is a vital cover for most of the businesses. This type of insurance is basically designed for customers, so that they get assured that your business has the right business insurance.

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