Bullet insurance offers comprehensive car insurance that provide you cover for damage or loss of your car because of crash, theft, fire or any natural disaster like flood storm etc. Bullet insurance cover you for your vehicle, property and vehicle of other’s as well. If you think your newly purchased car is not worth for you and seems as complete loss within first year after purchasing, we will exchange it or pay you its current value. During making the claim, if you hire referred repairer by us, you will get guarantee on repairing.

Other Cover Areas

1. Lock and key replacement if stolen

2. Coverage of valuables in your car if they’re damaged in an accident

3. elp with renovate cost to your trailer or caravan if attached to your car in an accident

4. Protection against harm to your vehicle when it’s being transported

Bullet insurance brings comprehensive car insurance containing a vast series of benefits and facilities that you can feel protected. Before taking any other insurance plan or cover, be sure that you are getting these proposals or not.

  • Replace your old car with new one within 2 years.
  • The longer you keep your plan with bullet, the bigger credit - up to 20%.
  • Cover up to $20 million for legal liability of harm made to other’s assets by your car
  • Choice of repairer and lifetime assurance on repairs that we commend
  • Choice of yearly payment or monthly (higher premium applies)

Our Clients