If you are a business holder then it may happen that you or your employees or workers need to travel inside country or abroad. There are lots of general expenses occur while you or any employee of your company in on a business trip. You should make sure that your business organization is not facing too much expenditure.

Corporate travel insurance has been expanded because of universal events caused by political and social conflict, so travel insurance is now more applicable for corporate groups or companies to attain corporate travel insurance with global travel obligations. Bullet’s Corporate Travel insurance is completely measured to defend companies and corporate houses from all types of corporate travel operating expenditure.


  • Previous declaration of journey is not required
  • Cover for all trips of below than 4 months in order to unwanted events resulting from terrorist attack, including various weapons (Nuclear/chemical/biological)
  • 24 hours emergency support
  • Plan will be bendable on an undisclosed basis for group of 5 travelers or more
  • War Zone coverage on hand with extra premium
  • Cover for a company’s local or global offices can be arranged, if allowed by local rules.

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