To drive a car or a vehicle in Australia, you should have government approved CTP green slip. Even though, each one has to hold CTP (Compulsory third party) green slip but there is dissimilarity in all green slips, they are not same. Bullet CTP green slip insurance has a selective choice of benefits and characteristic to protect you now and then. CTP Insurance for Australian citizens covers you for personal compensation made by you to anyone else in the duration of an accident.

Covered Aspects

  • Harm or injuries caused to your passengers
  • Harm made to other road user such as drivers, on foot people, travelers of other motor vehicles, bikers, cyclist and passenger seating on the back seats of vehicles.
  • Grievances caused during the use of a trailer attached to a registered motor vehicle

Basically, it’s there so you won’t be in custody separately responsible for accident-related damage cost. The relieving news is that you have an alternative to select your CTP source and if you demonstrated that you are a fine driver and accomplished 30 years of age; your payment could be lesser too.

Positively, CTP insurance doesn’t protect the cost of maintenance or recovery of damage made to assets, so you should also deem about choosing comprehensive car insurance. We have big planning on that. At Bullet Insurance we would like to assist you to save capital wherever we can, and CTP Greenslip insurance is no exclusion.

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