This income protection provides financial cover and works as substitution of income while you are not able to work due to any disease, illness or injury. Capability to earn of a person is a for more valuable asset than a house or car. Generally it covers 3/4th or 75% of your salary and measured as sufficient amount to accomplish basic needs such as food, lodge, bills and debt payment, utilities etc while you are recovering from illness or disease.

Disability income insurance agreement by Bullet insurance includes following characteristics, though it may vary among insurers.

  • An incident that happened as a consequence of a serious disease or injury;
  • failure of capability to work within a usual capability caused by the disease or injury;
  • Cut in income as an outcome of lack of ability to work or only capable to work with reduced hours because of the disease or injury.

Disability income protection will help you financially in case you become unable to work and earn due to any serious illness, disease or damage. The amount of cover will be approximately a little less than your salary that you can fulfill basic necessities of yours and your reliant. As expertise and aptitude to work is better quality of any human, insurance cover of disability will assure yours and your family’s future secured.

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