The life insurance plan by Bullet Insurance is uncomplicated and realistic life insurance. If you hold this insurance plan then you should be calm that your family is financially secured after your life. Bullet Life Insurance cover provides total amount to your family or beloved by your consent, as you declared previously. The total amount will go to your family while you are no more in this world or extremely ill. This will aid your family or reliant to survive in your absence. The amount will fulfill their basic needs such as food, shelter, paying dues and bills etc.

You can select a solitary joint plan to cover you and your partner. If you are a young person and not yet married, or a retired professional, a life insurance plan will assure that your family is financially secured and will survive easily.

Life Insurance cover financially protects your dearly loved in case awful was happening and you are not available there to hold them.

  • Cover up to $1.5 million
  • Quick expense for funeral
  • Life-threatening illness benefits
  • Accidental disease remuneration
  • Definite renewal for life
  • Easy claim with no remedial or blood tests
  • 10% reduction for members

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