This car insurance is for those who have a car of prestige brand. If you have such a costly car then you should have a suitable financial protection for it and besides this you can get standard customer service which is pretty crucial. Being in insurance sector, Bullet insurance understands that what needs to protect a prestige car. We have planned our car insurance policy that proposes realistic premium of insurance, excellent cover stages, and a series of features and benefits. The policy holder will also get key cover, crash cover and support to claim the policy.

Our policy includes the following benefits itself:

  • Granted or agreed value
  • Substitution with new car within first 2years
  • Options of repairer in Australia
  • Competitive quotes
  • Lifetime assurance for repairs
  • Free of cost sunroof/wind screen/glass benefit every year
  • Flexible coverage choices
  • Option to pay your premium in parts

Bullet’s prestige car insurance plans can be customized to match your requirements and are available for you online. Besides, our bendable and featured options make sure you only give for what you want. We also offer the options of paying your prestige car insurance costs by parts, at no additional charges!

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